Prime Minister Hailemariam has called for a greater cooperation between Africa and Japan in the United States, where he meeting Japans prime Minister Shinzo Abe.
The prime minister said this at the Japan-Africa Security Council members meeting, where incoming African members of the Security Council meet to discuss on the peace and security issues.
Opening the discussion, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe expressed his recognition for the action the International Community took in response to the latest nuclear test from North Korea.
“I value the swift and unanimous adoption of Security Council Resolution 2375 on Sept.
11, which puts significantly tougher sanctions on North Korea,” he said, calling for more efforts to “thoroughly enforce the successive resolutions” in order to prevent North Korea from obtaining any material to further develop its missiles and nuclear program.
Prime Minister Abe called for the solidarity and concerted effort among the international community, and together with the effective role of the United Nations, are more important than ever.
Prime Minister Hailemariam on his part thanked the Prime Minister of Japan for convening the meeting as a demonstration of Japans commitment to strengthen the Japan-Africa partnership in the spirit of TICAD.
A statement released by foreign Affairs ministry says the Hailemariam expressed his solidarity with the people and government of Japan on the two latest ballistic missiles tests by DPRK and condemned this reckless act of provocation. He said that could endanger the peace and security of the peninsula and the world at large.
PM Hailemariam assured the Abe that he would continue to consult and closely work with him on this important national security issue of Japan.
Prime Minister Hailemariam also raised the issue of cooperation with Japan in the Security Council on matters of African interest and concern regarding strengthening the UN-AU partnership in the area of peace and security matters in getting a predictable, sustainable and flexible financing for AU led peace support operations as well as in Japan’s active role in the area of peace building through different capacity building programs.
Prime Minister Hailemariam also called on Japan to closely cooperate with Africa during the coming presidency of the Council in December 2017.