From the 81 places that the Addis Ababa Land Management put up for auction in the 28th land lease scheme, a 209 square meter plot located in Woreda 9 of Arada sub-city fetched the highest price of the auction.
A company called Halkaya Industrial PLC offered 68,668 birr for one square meter while the second place winner Gauge PLC offered 37,016 birr.
Bole sub city which floated 33 palaces in the auction got the highest prices from Tewabe Sew Agegne who offered 23,101 birr per square meter for 201 square meter which is higher by 2,000 birr from the second winner Seid Kemal.
Yohannes Alemayehu offered the highest price in Akaki kality sub city. He offered 24,506 birr per square meter for 192 square meter.
Addis Ketema Sub city which saw up to 555,000 birr offer for one square meter in previous auctions, fetched 56,800 birr one square meter offered from Melselgne Ahmed for the 649 square meter found in Woreda 10.
On the other hand Nifas Silke Lafto sub city which floated 26 plots in latest lease auction got the highest price from Naser Gragn who offered 43,668 birr for 1,150 square meters located at Woreda 2.
A total of 12 places were brought in Kolfe Keranyo with the highest offer coming from Yohannes Feyisa, 34,896 birr for one square meter for the plot which is 163 square meters.
When the 28th land lease auction opened at the end of August 236 plots were put up for auction but due to mismanagement issues the bureau cancelled the bid for 155 of them, claiming that the land was incorporated into the new master plan and is needed to be used for side road construction.
Negusse Teshome, Public relations officer of the Bureau told Capital that some of the plots that are cancelled in this round of auction will be re auctioned in the next land lease auction.
Recently Capital reported that In order to remove fake bidders from the land lease auction, The Ministry of Urban Development Housing came up with a new draft bill requiring bidders to bring a minimum of 20 percent bid bond amount, which is currently set at five percent. (Capital Ethiopia)