The park will not begin operations until residents in the area are relocated

Addis Zoo Park Center, currently under construction, is set to generate 170 million birr in annual revenue when it begins operation. The center which lies on 36.4 hectares, plans to accommodate more than 60 animals including lions, the Walia Ibex , monkeys , jackals , and crocodiles.
A clean energy production park, an interactive play area for children, artificial lake , themed cafes and restaurants, mini shops are also part of park located inside the Peacock park around Bole Atlas area.
The Blue Nile Riverbank Ecosystem, scheduled to be completed in the middle of this Ethiopian year at the cost of 91.2 million birr is the first phase of the park and is among the other six ecosystem parks in the area.
Animals like Jackals, lions, crocodiles will be part of the Blue Nile Riverbank Ecosystem which will have arts stone cladding, sand and water ponds on the area that measures two hectares. More than 7,000 visitors are expected to visit this park per day. The facility is expected to create job opportunities for 180 people.
The Blue Nile park is being constructed by Metallic and Engineering Corporation and it will begin its operations at the end of this fiscal year if residents in the area are relocated..
Dr. Muise Kiflom, Director of Addis Zoo Park Center told Capital that the center will work with Ethiopian Airlines and international organizations to bring tourists to visit the park.
“Our Zoo Park is constructed to meet the requirements of both the animals and our visitors. Since earning big money from the local visitors is difficult, we plan to attract tourists that stay in Addis for limited time. He added that the residences in the area are still the biggest challenge for the zoo park operation.
‘’we don’t have a problem to start operation but we cannot do anything until the residents are relocated. We can’t bring lions into the park located around a residential. If the houses are demolished tomorrow, we will complete the remaining five ecosystem parks in the coming four years. ‘’ he said.
He added that the animals will stay at the older Anbessa Zoo park, located in six kilo before coming to the new park.
Semein Mountain, Dalol Depression, Harenna Forest, Awash Cannyol and Omo valley ecosystem parks are the next projects of the Addis Zoo Park Center. (Capital Ethiopia)