The House of People’s Representatives has endorsed today the appointment of 9 management members of the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia.

The appointment of the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and 7 Board Members was endorsed with 2 votes against and 2 abstentions.  Woizero Samia Zekaria was appointed Board Chairperson, and Ato Demoze Mame Vice Chairperson.

Kesis Belay Mekonen, Woizero Yeshihareg Damte, Professor Feteen Abay, Woizero Tsehay Menker, Ato Tekalegn Gebreselassie, Ato Jemal Mohammed, and Ato Habte Fchala were appointed members of the board.

The House appreciated the gender composition of the board which consisted of 4 women.

The Board Chairperson Samia Zekaria told ENA that she will work hard to ensure free electoral system in the country. She also vowed to be impartial, just, and loyal to the constitution.

Woizero Samia Zekaria has been serving as Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Nigeria since 2016. (ENA)