• Govt blames “some media’ of fueling the violence

By SisaySahlu

ADDIS ABEBA- Government insisted that peace and stability of several towns in northern Wollo zone of Amhara regional state has been restored.

Government officials said this on Friday amid reports of a federal road that passes through Kobo and Woldiya towns are still blocked.

“Out of fear, people are not using the road but the situation has been normalized as a result of a joint effort by the federal government and regional administration,” Dr. Negeri Lencho, Government communication minster, told reporter on Friday.

On Wednesday, the region’s police have made similar statement and added several measures are being taken to restore peace and stability of the zone.

Among these, police said it is arresting ‘suspects’ allegedly involved in the violence that claims the lives of dozens of people.

The week long deadly violence started in Woldiya town on the second day of the Epiphany Festival. Since then, the violence has been reported to have spread to Kobo first and then to Meresa and Sirinka towns.

The exact number of arrest is still unknown while UN recently blamed security forces of using of undue force on unarmed civilians.

Speaking about the cause of the violence, Negeri said “the government is currently investigating to know what led the conflict into such a big violence”.

“We are also looking into the impact of the violent and will reveal the result of the investigation as soon it is done,” he said.

He, however, accused “some media and social media users” of “fulling the violence and trying to incite ethic-based conflict”. The minister did not mention who these are but said they are both “here and abroad”.(The Daily Monitor)