Competing Party Leader Prof. Beyene Petros has urged the government to do its level best to stop the displacement of peoples and support those who have been displaced and sheltered in makeshift houses.

In an exclusive interview with The Ethiopian Herald Prof. Beyene said: “I urge the government to put the issue of displaced people who were driven out of their villages from Ethio-Somali, Oromia and Southern Nations Nationalities and People’s states and other areas.”
According to him, the government has shown reluctance in taking immediate action and controlling the situation. It is the constitutional and moral rights of citizens to live anywhere they want to and there is no moral and legal ground to discriminate people on the ground of ethnicity, he added.
Mentioning that the situation cannot be managed overnight, he added that the government has to put lots of efforts to solve the problems by staging series of discussions among residents in places the problem had surfaced.
Scuffles erupted in various places over the past time has resulted in the displacement tens of thousands of peoples while accounting to the loss of life and destruction of properties, it was learnt. (Ethiopian Herald)