Ambulatory Service Launches Ethiopia’s First Paramedic College ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA – Saturday,

TEBITA Ambulance hosted a briefing for its 10th anniversary for members of the press at Hilton Addis Ababa. Kibret Abebe, founder of TEBITA Ambulance, along with the management team were also present to share the service’s greatest achievements over the last decade. Established in 2008, TEBITA Ambulance was the first private ambulance and emergency service provider of its kind in Ethiopia. “We are very proud to share TEBITA’s achievements over the last ten years with you all,” says Kibret Abebe, who turned his passion to help into realization.

Since its establishment, TEBITA Ambulance has responded to over 60,000 emergency calls made to its service line, in addition, building partnerships and working with 70 businesses in Ethiopia to provide quality emergency care services. Seeing an increasing need to supplement its service side, TEBITA has increased its offerings beyond basic emergency life support services, including the establishment of Ethiopia’s first paramedic college, the introduction of the first Amharic first aid training DVD, a new dispatch center to receive emergency calls through the “8035” line, and fully-equipped advanced life support ambulance vehicles. “As many of you know, finding quality emergency care services in Addis Ababa continues to be a challenge, let alone finding service in rural parts of the country,” states TEBITA’s Operations Manager and Dean of TEBITA Paramedic College, Yitages Mengistu.

“TEBITA has grown to ensure that we are not only making these services available in the country, but also using state-of-the-art equipment with internationally-recognized standards. But this isn’t enough,” he continues. Through the establishment of TEBITA Paramedic College – the first of its kind in Ethiopia – our goal is to train the next generation of emergency response personnel to address the growing demand for such services.” After the media briefing, guests and members of the media were then invited to preview TEBITA’s latest fleet of fully-equipped advanced life support ambulance vehicles.

About Tebita Ambulance TEBITA Ambulance is the first private ambulance and emergency service provider of its kind in Ethiopia. Established in 2008 by a dedicated professional anesthetist, Kibret Abebe. TEBITA is now internationally recognized as the leading emergency care provider in Ethiopia, providing urban and remote ambulance services, paramedic and first aid training, medical supplies such as first aid kits, and more. To date, Tebita Ambulance has transported more than 30,000 patients in Ethiopia, and facilitated more than 500 international evacuations.