More than 200 international and domestic companies are creating a market linkage with their counterparts, and assessing the huge market in the country, according to the Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectorial Associations.

Associations’ Vice President Assefa Gebreselassie said the companies drawn from Greece, China, Russia, India, Singapore, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAR, Sudan, Somaliland, Iran and Morocco are taking part in the 11th Ethio-Chamber international Trade Fair thereby valuing the attractive investment opportunities exhibited from various manufacturing sectors.

According to Assefa, domestic companies, participating in the International Trade Fair lasting for Six days since yesterday, will also develop their manufacturing capacity through promoting their products. Foreign investors could also have the opportunity to create market linkages with the huge domestic markets, he added.

Opening the Grand ceremony of the Trade Fair, Minister of Trade and Industry Fetlework G/Ziaber also said it is better time to shift the development gear towards industry-based economy.

The Trade Fair at this time is golden opportunity for developing countries like Ethiopia, which provides opportunity for technological transfer, improves productivity, and creates access to global market, she stated.

The linkage between domestic and foreign companies is vital to contribute to the development of competitive industry and business sector through the promotion of products and services, Fetlework added.

According to her the government encourages investors and keeps the pace with the growing support for the development of manufacturing industry since they are means for way out of poverty.

A participant from Saudi Arabia, Kenny Lee, Material Sales Manager of Hinox Company told The Ethiopian Herald that trade shows and exhibitions are important to gain general opinion about the industry and its offerings.

Exhibiting products at Trade Fair can be a great way to advertise to a target market and create brand awareness among the business community, he added.

Marketing Manager for Markia Wood Manufacturing Company said Trade Fair becomes more imperative for all businesses to show greater visibility, and continuation of businesses. The platform is ideal for exhibitors to nurture the trust and confidence across the supply chain, the Manager said.

Exhibiters like MeWe Electronics and Kidus Granite and Marble hailed the importance of Trade Fair to meet new businesses face to face and renew their contracts with the existing buyers. (EPD)