Sixty-six members of the Ethiopia National Defense Force who marched to the office of the Prime Minister requesting for salary increment last October have penalized.

On 10th of October 2018 hundreds of protesting soldiers, some of them armed, went to see Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed at his office requesting for salary increase.

The condition caused road closures around office of the Prime Minister.

In a joint press conference, leadership of the Defense Force said that 66 of the officers who participate in the illegal march were penalized by the military court that saw their cases.

Administrative measures were taken on the rest of the participants of the march.

The Prime Minister has managed to calm down the military personnel who were angry when they request to discuss with him.

After the incident, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed told the House of Peoples’ Representatives that the march was not only illegal but also “very precarious”.

The Prime Minister said that the intention was to kill him thereby to throw out the sweeping reforms that the country has introduced. (ENA)