By YonasAsefa

ADDIS ABEBA – European Union announced on Monday a new humanitarian package for those most in need in Ethiopia.

The announcement of new €89 million for 2018-19 was made during Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management Christos Stylianides’s official visit to the horn of African nation.

The aid will go to EU aid projects in the Somali region in Eastern Ethiopia where many people have fled their homes due to internal conflict.

“Ethiopia is an important partner for the European Union. As the country undergoes profound positive political change, the EU will step up support for the most vulnerable Ethiopians,” said Commissioner Stylianides while visiting the Qologi camp.

The camp, located near Jigjiga, mostly hosts internally displaced people of the Somali region.

“I have seen myself how crucial our EU humanitarian support is in the daily lives of displaced people. It helps them feed their children, provide them with medicines and send them to school,” he said. “This is EU aid that saves lives.”

The EU funding will be used to address the needs of people displaced within Ethiopia, refugees from neighboring countries as well as tackling natural disasters such as drought.

Currently there are close to 3 million people internally displaced people in Ethiopia due to inter-communal violence while around 1 million people take refuge here from neighboring countries.

This is in light with the country is still recovering from two successive droughts, an estimated 7.8 million people are in need of emergency food assistance, in addition to 7.9 million that are considered chronically vulnerable. Growing ethnic violence is currently the biggest driver of displacement. (Daily Monitor)