By Our Staff Writer

ADDIS ABEBA – Japan agreed to fund a restoration project of Addis Abeba University’s RasMekonnen hall, located within sadist kilo campus.

The campus, what used to be Emperor Haile Selassie’s residence with a name GueneteLuel Palace before he gave it up for the university, will be a subject of restoration project by the university’s Institute of Ethiopian Studies (IES).

The project will be funded by Japan whose ambassador in Addis Abeba signed the contract a deal that grants to USD 85,679 (equivalent to ETB 2,403,500) with Dr. Ahmed Hassen, director of IES.

The fund “will be used to renovate Ras Makonnen Hall as both a functional and historical multi-purpose lecture hall, while retaining its cultural and historical values by repairing damaged parts, restoring the interior, and installing new equipment”, said the embassy after the signing event.   

It is to be recalled that on the 20th of September 2017, Addis Ababa University signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Kyoto University in Japan for academic exchange and research cooperation.

Based on this MoU, the IES will make Ras Makonnen Hall available to the Center for African and Oriental Studies of the AAU, and the Center for African Area Studies of Kyoto University, for organizing public lectures and exhibitions related to Japanese studies and the Japanese language.

The restoration effort is part of project to attract more visitors to the Ethnological Museum of the IES which conserves Ethiopia’s material and spiritual cultures with its over 10,000 artifacts that makes it one of the most important and famous museums in the whole of Africa.  (Daily Monitor)