By SisaySahlu

ADDIS ABEBA – Lower house of parliament failed to approve one of the three nominees for their seats at the Federal Judicial Administration Council (FJAC).

Members of parliament were not happy with the nominees proposed for them by the speaker of the house TagesseChafo on Tuesday’s regular session with all three drawing criticism from the house.

The three MPs nominated for the house of parliament seat at the FJAC were Gebreegziabher Araya, who was former chairman to various standing committees, Petros Weldesemayat and SenayitAndarge.

All of them were subject of criticism for their lack of experience on areas related to judiciary as well as educational background.

MPs particularly questioned the nominations of Petros and Gebreegziabher for similar reasons.

“He (Gebreegziabher) is not capable of representing this institution,” an MP said.

“Why are you forcing MPs to work to any area without any proper knowledge,” they questioned the speaker of the house.

Despite the MPs request for clarification regarding their proposal, speaker of the house insisted for the house to vote for their approval.

Gebreegziabher choose to withdraw himself form contention.  Petros, who has been criticized for not having proper experience and knowledge, received a majority vote along with Senayit.

Both will go on representing the house at the Federal Judicial Administration Council. 

MPs questioned lack of transparency regarding nomination process.

“Considering the human right abuse and torture report we hear happened in our country, we need disciplined judges and a proper Judiciary administration council,” another MP said. “We should know that we have responsibility to help that system develop.”

On the same day, MPs also took brief look at three two cooperation agreements and one loan deal the government made recently.

These include an agreement between Ethiopian government and Rwandan government, which is termed as cooperation in the field of communication and, information and media.

They also looked into another agreement with Rwanda on technical cooperation in the field of agriculture.

The loan deal, which involves to 83.3 million USD, between Ethiopian government and International Development Association (IDA), was also a subject of their discussion. The finance deal aims at providing adequate refugee protection frame work for Ethiopia.

Following their discussion, the two cooperative deals and the loan deal were directed to their respective standing committees for further review. (daily monitor)