At least 28, 000 African brothers have used visa-on-arrival scheme to get into Ethiopia, ministry of foreign affairs revealed.

As part of new reforms, the horn of African nation started issuing e-visas to all visitors in June, and in November, introduced visa-on-arrival for all African visitors.

This has increased the number arrivals at Addis Abeba bole international airports, said the ministry.

Several Africans are taking advantage of Ethiopia’s visa-on-arrival schemes, said Meles Alem, spokesperson of the ministry, adding about 28,000 fellow Africans have so far benefited from it.

Many applauded Ethiopia’s relaxed visa regimes.

Data from the travel intelligence agency ForwardKeys shows it will continue to be crucial if African airlines and nations are to attract more international travelers.

A case in point is how liberalized visa applications in Morocco and Tunisia attracted significant Chinese tourists in the last few years, bringing the world’s top tourism spenders to African shores.

Meanwhile, ministry of foreign affairs also said it has issued travel documents for 40,000 Ethiopians living abroad during the past few months.

Officials at the ministry said has so far issued permanent resident ID card for about 460 US, Italian and Greek citizens as well as for 688 Ethiopian Jews and 99 Rastafarians. (Daily Monitor)