The Council of Ministers has passed decisions on various draft bills at its regular meeting today after deliberating on the agendas. Salon

In a press statement it sent to ENA, the Council of Ministers passed decisions on the draft bill to reorganize Ethiopian News Agency (ENA).

Furthermore, the Council deliberated on the draft bill of Ethiopian Space Policy, to establish Constitution and Federalism indoctrination center as well as on the draft civil society organizations (CSOs) law.

The Council looked at the draft bill to establish Ethiopian Space Policy as its first agenda, it has stressed the space science policy should be harmonized with the country’s direction of economic structural change and decided the bill to come into effect.

The council has also approved a draft bill of re-establishing Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) that would enable the agency to have institutional autonomy and disseminate information.

It is to be recalled that a draft bill was proposed to the Council of Ministers for decision, it was indicated.

In this regard, the bill is passed to the House of People’s Representatives (HPR) for approval.

Similarly, the Council deliberated on a draft proclamation to establish Educational Center of Federalism, which prepared for having better awareness on federalism among citizens and strengthen the value of tolerances and national values.

The Council of Ministers also discussed and passed the bill of amendment on the proclamation of Civil Association Institutions  that would help to assure their right,  it was learned. (ENA)