Doraleh Container Terminal Management Company (SGTD), which has managed Doraleh Container Terminal since
February 2018, stated that results have improved since they took over. The management company has also increased
the number of customers using the freight train in Ethiopia to transport cargo.
The container terminal, which is one of the modern port facilities in Djibouti, has been operating since 2008. The
port was managed by DP World until last February.
Port officials lauded their ability to expand container handling and service capacity on a daily basis when speaking
to journalists from Ethiopia.
One of the officials said that container service used to take a long time. “Since we began a new system called the
vehicle booking system (VBS) we have maintained a very nice area outside the terminal so when customers arrive,
instead of waiting for a long time inside the yard to serve the containers, we are able to speed up the service and they
can get their booking and other requirements completed in less than an hour, thanks to the new technological
system. In the near future the service times will decrease even more,” he said.
Currently, there are two trains that handle 20 percent of the total container cargo shipment every day traveling to
central Ethiopia. These trains carry 212 containers every day, while it is expected to expand to five trains that will
also boost the volume significantly.
Previously, when DP World managed the port, there were space and material constraints, the port leaders said.
“Since we’ve added space the process has become more efficient we still need more materials so we have ordered
equipment from China by the middle of next year the new equipment will allow us to handle more containers at the
port,” one of the port leaders said.
ESLSE, which solely operates the multimodal business reports that they have seen fantastic results since the middle of
the year as the flow of the multimodal business has been incredible. There is almost no overstaying container from
multimodal, according to the port officers who follow Ethiopian businesses.
Abdillahi Adaweh Sigad, CEO of SGTD, said that his port has ordered more cranes, including an RTG crane and is
expanding the train service which will speed up port operations.
“When we get to the point where we have 5 trains running every day transport it will haul half of the total container
shipment to Ethiopia,” the CEO said. He said they will add more trains in a few weeks.
Thanks to new equipment and the economic recovery and more hard currency coming into Ethiopia operations
should improve by 15 percent. “That is why we have ordered new equipment to handle the growth,” Abdillahi
Adaweh Sigad said.
In addition to handling Ethiopian cargo at SGTD, which exclusively handles containerized cargo, SGTD has also
expanded its business with huge companies like Pacific International Lines (PIL) to work with transshipment cargo
PIL came the first day DP World left the management. “Previously we have been working under capacity during the
DP period but now we can manage more TEUs in the current status. In addition to PIL other logistic companies are
asking us to work with us,” the CEO said.

He said that the port has a capacity of handling 1.6 million TEUs per annum, but at that time it only handled
900,000 TEUs. (Capital Ethiopia)