Business solution provider Elebat has entered into agreements with banks to train undergraduates and
Master’s Degree students in the fundamentals of digital financial services.
Three thousand five hundred youth are expected to learn how to conceptualize the idea of digital finance
and banking in the Ethiopian context. Each peer group of students will undergo 18 hour sessions.
Subjects will include the success factor of digital finance, business driven digital finance and the country’s
legal and regulatory framework.
The initiative which is part of the National Bank’s National Financial Inclusion Strategy will begin on January
5th and last for eight months. The program is said to encourage applicants who are students of distinction
and those who participate in extracurricular activities. Elebat will interview students before accepting them.
Their attitude will be part of the criteria.
“Application forms are can be found on the company’s website and the training is free,” said
Netsanet Raya, CEO and founder. “In the future, we might avail the program with a cost sharing and
paid trainings in order to open them to more people. (Capital Ethiopia)