Preparations have been finalized to make publicly the pilot assessment on over ten indigenous/ traditional medicines, Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI) announced. The Institute Director Dr. Ebba Abate told The Ethiopian Herald that the laboratory experimented traditional medicines are mostly skin care products which were tested on animals on their effectiveness on ability to cure and their side effects.

“Next procedure would be to asses, process and brought them to market which would benefit the public and the country,”he added. “Ethiopia has untapped potential in traditional medicines that haven’t been explored. The sector plays a major role in public health besides its potential for foreign currency, job creation, attract investors if a proper policy and strategy regulated,” said Dr.Ebba.

According to him, the main challenge the sector has faced is the absence of proper policy and strategy to work with structured procedure. “Recently we have proposed policy road map on traditional medicines prepared by experts from all sectors in the field to the Ministry of Health and concerned bodies, “he added During the recent workshop, the office has discussed validation policy and strategy proclamation draft on traditional medicines with Ministry of Health, FMHACA and World Health Organization to regulate and put urge proper policy in the sector.

Food,Medicine and Health Care Administration Deputy Director Dr. Keredin Redi on his part said that, the new under revised Health policy of the country, traditional medicine is one of the sectors that the government is working on giving broad attention. “During its 20 years journey Traditional Medicine Directorate has done works of capacity building, awareness creating, supporting and organizing research and studies to enable the sector in to regular health sector landscape.

” World Health Organization Representative Mengesteab W/aregay said Ethiopia is among the country’s in the world with rich traditional medicine wisdom next to china and India and above 80% population uses traditional medicines in Ethiopia. “Compared to other countries, Ethiopia has a huge resource and potential to produce Quality, organic healthy products which are more preferable than modern medicine,”he said He also said “the WHO encourages policy and strategy in health sectors in building education system on the sector beside to the government’s effort to initiate legal protection and record and archive knowledge transfer in use and tap traditional medicines potential ” (Ethiopian Herald)