Sudanese President Omer al-Bashir accused unnamed groups of exploiting the living hardship to carry out sabotage and vandalism and described them as “agents, mercenaries and traitors”.

Many cities across Sudan have been protesting against difficult economic conditions in the country since last week, calling to overthrow the regime of President al-Bashir. Also, demonstrators in some towns have burned the premises of the ruling National Congress Party (NCP).

Speaking in a public meeting in Wad al-Haddad area of Al-Jazira State on Tuesday, al-Bashir called to cease protests and not give an opportunity to those who commit sabotage.

He said the popular reception he received in the area was a decisive response to the rumour that he had been arrested and imprisoned and threatened to pursue those disseminating the rumours.

The Sudanese admitted that Sudan is facing “economic problems caused by the siege imposed by the West because of its refusal to kneel” as he said, stressing his rejection of foreign pressure.

He added that the war is waged against Sudan for its adherence to its religion and dignity, asserting that it “will not sell it for wheat or the dollar”.

The Sudanese Central Committee of Doctors reported that nine people were injured in the protests that broke out Tuesday in the capital, Khartoum, including one critical case.

In a statement released on Tuesday evening, the doctors pointed to the use of live bullets against the demonstrators.

The union which was among the professional groups that called for the demonstration underscored the high level of popular mobilisation saying that they “passed the point of no return”.

President al-Bashir pledged that development projects in the state would be continued and called on the people of Al-Jazira State, whom he described as producers, to not pay attention to traitors and agents. (ST)