By Tesfaye Getnet

The Addis Ababa Land Holding Registration and Information Agency which has been registering lands for the last three years said
that during its very recent land counting it found over 2,000 plots of land with no title deed or ownership certificate.
Most of the untitled lands with houses on them are located around Bole, Yeka, and Kality. Some areas with fewer houses include:
Arada, Addis Ketama and Gulele sub cities.
Often, these plots were purchased from farmers and the houses were built after the 2005 election. The agency passed on the list of the
plots to the Addis Ababa Land Management Bureau for them to take action.
It is likely more illegal homes will be found soon as further areas of the city are investigated. So far the agency has counted parcels in
58 Weradas of the total 110 Weradas in Addis Ababa.
Breket Belay, Vice Head of the Agency said, “Our work is to count the land and to know who occupies it. In the last three years more
than 20,000 plots have been discovered and we have reported this to the concerned body. It is not our responsibility legalize or confiscate
the land from people who do not have the proper documentation for the property.”
He added that the agency has counted 122,000 parcels so far, and 60,000 of them are registered in a well-documented system and the
rest are still in the process.

“The coordination between stakeholders, shortage of staff, poor land documentation system are challenges we face. We planned to
register each parcel of the city regardless of whether it is a house, shop, roads, or building; within five years but things have not gone
according to plan. There are 600,000 different parcels and it will take us much longer to fully count them.”
Any land holding that took place after the 2005 election without the proper approval of the city administration is considered an act of
illegal ownership.
Many reports identified that high population growth, poor condo construction and the high rural to urban migration has led to many
people owning land illegally.
The Addis Ababa land area covers approximately 52,000 hectares, and the City Administration established a land bank in 2013 to
facilitate the lease process overseen by the City Cabinet, the highest executive body of the Administration.
The registration process of illegally occupied land has already begun; this process is applicable for land grabbed between
May 1996 and April 2005; these are plots of land occupied without permission from the city administration, illegally
expanded land and land occupied by farmers for residential purposes. (capital Ethiopia )