By Haimanot Ashenafi

Highly anticipated trials over human rights violations have been delayed as police have asked the Federal High Court’s 10th Criminal Bench
for more time to investigate recent discoveries of a toxic chemical found on the premises of the National Intelligence and Security Service
(NISS) and another house used to ‘torch’ people in custody.
The court previously adjourned the case for a week so police could conduct their investigation but with the chemical’s discovery the police
have asked for additional time. For over four consecutive days the court listened to testimony from the police. Then, on December 27, the
chemical issue arose. While reporting its stats and establishing a ground for an additional investigation period, police stated that the
chemical’s contents needed to be verified and requested additional time to obtain test results.
One of the suspects told the court that he was the one who exposed the dangerous chemical on the NISS premises and argued that the police are
pretending they obtained the chemical on their own, which is immoral.

The suspect said the chemical was put in a room which was enclosed by a wooden structure. He said if anyone went into the room the
chemical would harm them. The judge then asked police about the suspect’s statement and the police admitted that the information came
from the suspect.
The court adjourned the case to decide if more time would be given for the investigation.
In another case police were given 14 additional days for investigation after an additional ‘torching’ house was discovered. This is the 8th house,
used for arbitrary arrests and burning suspects that police have discovered. Two defendants in the case are MaeshoKidne and HadushKahesaye.
Police also revealed that they have finished investigating other suspects accused of grave corruption asked for further adjournment to press
charges. (Capital Ethiopia)