By YonasAsefa

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s Office Chief of Staff Fitsum Arega will serve as ambassador of Ethiopia to the United States, ministry of foreign affairs confirmed.

Fitsum would assume one of the government’s most prominent diplomatic posts.

Reports of Fitsum’s nomination first emerged a week ago in the Facebook page of the Finfinne Intercept.

Sahlework Zewde approved his appointment as ambassador earlier this week along with other 19 other former and current holders of major government offices with no mention of his placement.

Ministry of foreign affairs, in a statement sent to local media houses late Thursday, confirmed that he will go on to serve as Ethiopia’s top diplomat in Washington DC.

Fitsum will head to Washington DC late next month to replace the beleaguered Kassa Tekleberhan Gebrehiwot, who has been recalled to the country early December.

The new assignment announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also saw  Ambassador Teshome Toga, former speaker of the house of parliament and ambassador to Kenya, posted in Beijing to serve as ambassador of Ethiopia to China. 

Current spokesperson of the ministry, Meles Alem, also assigned to Kenya as ambassador.

The ministry will see off ambassador SuliemanDedefo to United Arab Emirates; Mrs. Mulu Solomon to Germany; Abdulaziz Mohammed to Djibouti; Mrs. NasiseChali to Canada; HassenTaju to Senegal; RetaAlemu to Israel; Henok Tefera to France; Mrs. AlemtsehayMeseret to Uganda; TizitaMulugeta (PhD) to India; Teferi Tadesse to South Sudan; AddisuGebre-Egziabher (PhD) to Zimbabwe; Million Samuel to The Netherlands; Airorat Mohammed (PhD) to Oman and Ambassador SamiaZekaria to Qatar.

Ambassador TesfayeYilma has also been appointed to serve as Permanent Representative of Ethiopia to AU while BerhaneFisseha will serve as his Deputy Permanent Representative.  (Daily Monitor)