• its former ambassador to the U.S. to serve as its top diplomat in Addis Abeba

Eritrea put restriction for Ethiopians crossing to its territory, according to various media reports on Wednesday.

The restriction came a day beforeEritrea ambassador to Ethiopia presented his credentials to President Sahlework Zewde on Thursday.

Ethiopians crossing to Eritrea through the border town of Zalambessa were requested laissez-passer by border guards, says Deutsche Welle (DW) Amharic service. 

Those who do not have one were not allowed to Eritrea, another report confirmed, adding the regulated border crossing has been active as of 6 a.m. local time Wednesday.

Business and other travelers from the two countries were enjoying unrestricted border crossing since the reopening of the border in September after normalcy was resorted following the end of state of “no war – no peace” relation.

Vehicles that were not allowed to enter to Eritrea on grounds of lack of permission to enter were seen making long lines in the border area, witnesses said.

It remains unclear why Eritrea wanted to activate regulation of border crossing.

On Thursday, spokesperson of ministry of foreing affairs spokesperson, Meles Alem said he has no information about the issue.

 Eritrean Press, Eritrean News portal, reported that: “Speculation was rife that the latter [Zalambessa] would be closed for ‘security’ reason after the failed assassination attempt on former Eritrean defense minister General SibhatEphrem in Asmara last week.”

It also reported security at Bure, in the south east Eritrea, border is tightening.

– New Eritrea ambassador –

Amid this boarder issue, the newly appointed Eritrean ambassador to EthiopiaSemere Russom, has presented his credentials to president Sahlework – the latest in a series of dizzying peace moves between the neighbors.

He is now the first Eritrean ambassador to Eritrea in 20 years. Prior to his appointment to Addis Abeba, Semere served as Eritrean Ambassador to the United States and Canada.

Five months ago, Ethiopia appointedRedwan Hussein as ambassador to Eritrea five months ago.

Ethiopia and Eritrea expelled each other’s envoys at the start of a 1998-2000 border war that killed around 80 000 people.

The two countries, however, restored their relations with the signing of joint declaration of peace and friendship agreement in Asmara last July. (Daily Monitor)