By YonasAsefa

Prime Minister office expressed Abiy Ahmed’s appreciation to Ethiopian Diasporas for their contribution to the Trust Fund over the past few days.

A renewed flow of cash has been observed in Trust Fund, formally known as Ethiopian Diaspora Trust Fund (EDTF), in response for his renewed call last week.

The PM urged the global Ethiopian diaspora to contribute as little as $1-a-day to the transformation and development of a better Ethiopia

After underwhelming input, the contribution has shown a surge over the past seven days.

The data from the EDTF’s website shows the contribution increased from a little over 500, 000 USD a week ago to 862,295 USD until Thursday afternoon.

And Prime Minister Abiy has noticed the trend.

His office said the PM “appreciated the surge in contributions made to the Trust Fund over the past few days heeding his call”.

 “We encourage Ethiopians to build on this generosity and increase their donations in 2019. Be an active part of Ethiopia’s journey of renewal!” said the office in a statement sent to The Daily Monitor. 

Data from EDTF’s website shows most of the contribution came from North America – Canada and the United states.

Over 3 million Ethiopian diaspora live in corners of the world. The Trust Fund was launched in October 2018 in an effort to directly involve the Diaspora community in improving the lives of Ethiopians. (Daily Monitor)