By SisaySahlu

Legislators Friday criticized ministry of water’s latest progress report about the renaissance dam, which they say has contradictory data.

Officials of ministry of water and irrigation said fortnights ago that 65 percent of The 6,000 megawatt Grand Renaissance Dam has been completed.

On Friday, Dr. Eng. Seleshi Bekele, Minster of Water and Irrigation, reduced that number to 62.5 percent while reporting about the dam to members of parliament.

“Two weeks ago, we heard from the project manager that the construction of the dam is 65 percent complete,” said FetihaYesuf, MP and chair of Natural Resource, Irrigation and Energy Affairs Standing Committee of the house.

“Now the ministry is coming up with a different figure. Which one should we believe?” the MP questioned the minister.

She criticized the ministry about the discrepancy. “It is a project that the public follows curiously,” she continued, “You should know that citizens want to know about it and become well informed about its current status,” said Fetiha.

The minister, however, said the latest figure came following a new evaluation made by its experts, The Daily Monitor understood.

“We have said it was 65 percent completed,” he admitted. “But there was latest evaluation and significant one which led us to reduce its status to 62.5 percent”.

Fortnights ago, the ministry announced that the Renaissance Dam, being built along River Nile, will be completed in 2022.

The dam, in which its construction was launched in April 2011, was initially expected to be completed in 2017.

The ministry pledged to present a substantiated report on the progress of the construction to the house of parliament soon.

But also said the construction activity currently “is going well”, and said it “will be 70.5 percent complete” by the end of 2018/19n fiscal year.

The 6,000 megawatt Grand Renaissance Dam is the centerpiece of the Horn of Africa country’s bid to become the continent’s biggest power exporter.

GERD is a project wholly financed by Ethiopians through bond purchases, but recently the military conglomerate, MeTEC, has been shamed for squandering much of the public funds in a high-level scandal and, therefore, causing the delay in the construction project. That forced for authorizes to fire MeTEC from the project in August. (Daily Monitor)