By YonasAsefa

Chief Executive Officer of Bole Lemmi industrial park Mengistu Regassa is among the scores of individuals that are under police custody for alleged major corruptions.

Starting late last week, police were arresting senior officials at Oromia regional state over connection with various high profile corruption cases in Oromia regional state.

The region’s communication bureau took the number of people the regional police arrested to more than 75 – including theindustrial park’s CEO Mengistu Regassa and mayor of Gelan Town Baharu Tekle.

The arrest was made following probe by Oromia Anti-corruption Commission, which, on Wednesday, released the list of names of individuals detained for alleged corruptions in the region.  

It includes, apart from the CEO of the park and Gelan’s mayor, three senior officials -Teshome Legesse, Teshome Kebede and MeskeremDebebe – of Oromia credit and saving association.

The commission also says Mohamed Kassim, EndalkachewBelachew and YilmaDeressa ofOromia procurement & property disposal agency as well as former head of Oromia roads authority AbdoGeleta are under police custody.

The suspects have already appeared before court this week.

Head of the anti-Commission Abebe Kebede said the arrest is just a start.

He said his office “will continue to bring” more suspects to justice as part of its sweeping corruption probe. (Daily Monitor)