The outgoing British ambassador to Ethiopia, Susanna Moorehead, praised the massive political and socio-economic changes witnessed in Ethiopia in recent times.

The changes have brought about a new era not only for the country but also for the entire region.

They also gave hope for several young Ethiopians, she said in an exclusive interview with Fana Broadcasting Corporate.

When asked about her term as ambassador in Ethiopia, the ambassador said “it has been a fascinating three years here.”

In the past three years, Britain has provided around 1 billion US dollars for the execution of different development projects in Ethiopia, including a program that benefited 4 million pregnant mothers and children under 5.

During the past three year, Britain has built project that increased access to safe drinking water for 5 million Ethiopians, according to the ambassador.

“We always seen Ethiopia our key strategic partner,” she said, adding “Ethiopia has achieved several development goals but still a long way to go.”

Ambassador Moorehead further stated that Brexit won’t affect the relations between Ethiopia and Britain.

“Our commitment to Ethiopia is unchanged,” she said. (FBC)