Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has held discussions with close to 3,700 educators that came from across Ethiopia.

His office said the role of continued dialogue with educators is key in building the next generation, particularly as a path to realizing the new education roadmap.

During his speech at the meeting, the PM went on to emphasize that “nation building is a key outcome of the work that educators undertake in fostering a generation in service of its country”.

The Prime Minister further highlighted that educators are like the Warka tree and bear a great responsibility in providing protection.

Below are the topics and his response he made during the discussionhe held with 3,696 educators at his office.

On Education Reforms

He said his government will continue to be invested in education system reforms.

The PM confirmed that the recently proposal to split and restructure of the Ministry of Education as well as the mainstreaming of discussions on education at every Ministerial office is part of that reform.

Ethiopia’s Education proposed roadmap plans for the formation of three ministries that would eventually replace current Ministry of Education.

The proposed institutions are the Ministry of Higher Education and Training, Ministry of General Education and Training and the Ministry of Human Resource Development.

Ministry recently said the roadmap is being in accordance with the national vision and development goals.

Salary & Incentives for Educators

In response to the insufficient salary and inventive teachers are getting, the PM admits that that they are earning is lower than what they deserve. 

The PM said, as a cross-sector issue, enhancing compensation foreducators is currently under consideration by the Ministry of Education, for review of challengesand proposal of solutions.

However, he said is an issue that necessitates examining the macroeconomicreality of the country which has been highly debt-ridden and is focused on increasingits fiscal reserves.

On Educators Role

Educators have a responsibility innurturing critical thinkers that can sift through the flood of information they are exposed to, soas to make informed choices rather than reactive decisions, he advised the teachers.

He also told them for their teaching process to focus on cultivating a culture of dialogueand debate; teaching conflict resolution methods and promoting gender, ethnic, religious equityand acknowledging diversity.

In doing this, educatorswould be addressing the 4Rs of education for sustainable peacebuilding: redistribution,reconciliation, recognition and representation, the PM said.

The 4 R’s he is referring to are “reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic”, which many deemed essentials of mandatory public schooling, as well as’rithms, as in algorithms, or basic computational skills.   

On Security

Abiy administration is currently in a period of spearheading reforms which is changing theviolent and repressive actions that Ethiopians were previously confronted with.

He, however, said government’s current practice of democratic tolerance should not be read for a weak government.

Prime MinisterAbiy further stressed that the era of asserting dominance through the barrel of a gun isover and any attempts by groups to proclaim authority in a period of three to five months is noshort of a hallucination. (daily Monitor)