By SisaySahlu

Ethiopian Diaspora Agency will become operational soon, said its newly appointed director.

The government announced its intention to establish a diaspora agency to enhance the all-round participations of Ethiopians in the diaspora.

The agency, set up under the ministry of foreign affairs, said its formation on a final chapter with the completion of prior works related to structural and legal frameworks which will enable the agency to start operation.

Ministry of foreign affairs has already appointed director and deputy director – SelamawitDawit and Muhamed Indris respectively, – for the agency.

The pair told journalists on Friday that the agency will officially be launchedsoon. 

Major job of the agency include protecting the rights of Ethiopians abroad and help diaspora engage in development activities of their country of birth, Selamawitsaid.

“So far, the big problems concerning the diaspora community have been getting up-to-date information about Country’s policy and related directives or any other incentive mechanisms laid down by the government concerning the diaspora,” she said.

In this regard,she said the agency will create a strong communication channel to disseminate the necessary information and fill the gap as well as work to narrow the bureaucracies affecting diaspora investors. (daily Monitor)