By YonasAsefa

An Ethiopian passenger plane on Thursday morning overshot the runway at the Entebbe International Airport, Ethiopian airlines and Uganda’s Civil Aviation Authority say.

Both confirmed that all the 139 on board the Boeing 737-800 aircraft with registration number ET-ATV disembarked safely.

“This has affected mainly inbound international flights. Concerted efforts in liaison with Ethiopian Airlines and other stakeholders are ongoing to ensure removal of the aircraft from the runway and resumption of normal flight operations,” said Ugandan authorities.

Few hours later, flights resumed after the plane was towed off the runway end.

The Ethiopia Airlines statement claim that the aircraft was not damaged and will be towed to the ramp.

The airline has arranged for an alternative flight that will complete the return flight and rebook the passengers who were booked to travel from Entebbe to Addis Ababa.

“We apologize to our valued customers, who were on-board the flight for the inconvenience. An alternative flight is being arranged to complete the return flight and rebook the passengers, who were booked to travel from Entebbe to Addis Abeba,” the statement reads.     

“The cause of the incident is under investigation,” the statement concludes.

Britain ‘Provides $1bln in DA to Ethiopia in 3 Years’

ADDIS ABEBA – The outgoing British ambassador to Ethiopia, Susanna Moorehead, praised the massive political and socio-economic changes witnessed in Ethiopia in recent times.

The changes have brought about a new era not only for the country but also for the entire region. They also gave hope for several young Ethiopians, she said, pledging her country will continue to support Ethiopia’s development effort. 

Britain, during her term as ambassador in Addis Abeba, has provided around 1 billion US dollars for the execution of different development projects in Ethiopia, including a program that benefited 4 million pregnant mothers and children under 5.

Govt Urged to Its Idle Ships to save Forex

ADDIS ABEBA – State-owned Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise (ESLSE) urged the government to use its ships for Ethiopia’s major import items such as fuel, fertilizers and wheat.

If the Enterprise was given the opportunity to do the job mandated by the government as a national carrier, the country, which has been suffering from shortage of hard currency could have saved huge amount, said RobaMegerssa, CEO of the Enterprise.

He told state run TV that the company has not been given opportunity to transport these goods.  “For instance after a long struggle we were allowed to transport coal since last year. By using leased ships we helped the importers to $20 dollars per ton. They used to pay $40 when they were using other transporters,” he said.

Dire Dawa Administration Fires 76 Officials

The Dire Dawa City Administration located in the eastern part of Ethiopia, fires 76 officials who failed to exercise good governance and address the issue the public has been complaining about.

The Administration has replaced the 76 individuals with new officials and also made reshuffle of 23 former officials. The city administration has also arrested 173 individuals accused of involving in the recent clashes, killings of innocent people and robbery in Dire Dawa City.

The Police have already completed their investigation on the individuals and passed it to the prosecutor to take them to court. Out of the 1,540 who are forced to be displaced because of the clashes, 1,483 are returned back to where they were living. (Daily Monitor)