• It will cost Authorities over 900 million birr

By MhretG.Kristos

ADDIS ABEBA – Authorities are set to build an international standard traffic control center in Addis Abebacity.

The center will cost the Addis Abeba city administration over 900 million birr.

The building – which rests on 300sqm of land located in Megenagna – will have four underground floors hosing traffic controller and information centers.

It will also have major units that will follow up criminal and accident information, among others.

“It will enable authorities to oversee security and car accident of the entire city,” said Aregawi Amaru, senior communication officer of transport management office of the administration, in an interview with The Daily Monitor.

The center will also be tasked to give traffic information to drivers in the city together with options that would ease their ride.

A UAE-based firm – Skyline Engineering Consultants – has been working with the authorities in providing consultancy services since 2008 regarding the project including its architectural and Interior Design, Civil Engineering, Electromechanical.

Addis Abeba’s transport management office is now engaged in the final process of hiring a contractor.

It is carrying out a prequalification assessment after receiving various bids, an Aregawi told The Daily Monitor.

Once its construction is complete, the entire traffic system as well as security cameras, both that are currently installed and soon to be installed, in the city will be connected with control center.

It will have “a big contribution” in preventing crime and car accident in the city, which hosts several major international conferences, Aragwi said.

The project, which will be part of traffic controller agency – will also create job opportunity for more than 100 people. 

“We will announce the winner of the tender after a month,” Aragawi said.(the daily monitor)