Mhret G/Krstos

ADDIS ABEBA – Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority has drafted a new regulation that will allow private sector to own and invest in airports and heliports. 

All International and domestic airports in the country are currently owned, managed, operated and controlled by state-run Ethiopian Airport Enterprise.

Authorities are now seeking to more investment in the area by paving the way for private sectors to invest in the sector.

The draft regulation – the civil aviation authority drafted and sent it federal attorney general’s office – proposes for the involvement of the private sector though various schemes including Public-Private Partnership (PPP).

They will be invited to invest in airport construction and buy stakes “when the need arises”, the proposed doc says.

Their involvement could extend from buying a stake in all existing International and regional Airports to investing on any future airport development.

 “Its intention is to enable investors to build their own small airports and heliports in every regional state and hotel,” said Anmut Lemma, spokesperson of Civil Aviation, told The Daily Monitor. 

The primary objective of Airports is to provide safe, secure, efficient and cost-effective services to aircraft operators, passengers, and other users, said Anmut, adding that having such regulation will ease practicality of such efforts.

Civil aviation has already sent the bill to general attorney office after it was approved by the minister of transport.