By SisaySahlu

ADDIS ABEBA – The newly registered party, National Movement of Amhara Party, has advised authorities not to repeat “past mistakes” while conducting the forth national census.

Ethiopia will hold its first population census in more than a decade, starting from April 7, 2019.

NAMA’s officials dubbed the previous three housing and population census as “inaccurate”.

The past three censuses had undercounted the number Amhara people, said Dr. DesalegnChane, the chairman of the party.

It has negatively affected of the people of Amhara in political representation as well as federal budget allocation for decades, he said. 

Desalegn said that the central statistics agency, which carries out the census in Ethiopia, “has not gone through any reform and it is still being managed by same officials”.

“With those people in charge, it is difficult to expect a different result from that of the previously conducted censuses,” he said.

The chairman alleged at least three million Amhara people were either left uncounted or intentionally underreported in the third national census the state conducted in 2007.

“We don’t want to see such mistakes again in this one,” said Desalegn, urging for the government to take the necessary caution when conducting the census.

The outcome of the previous national census was a subject of heated debate among legislators in 2007 for a similar reason. But the then head of the Central Statically Agency SemiyaZekaria shrugged off the accusations.  (the daily monitor )