ADDIS ABEBA – Police arrested ten suspects for involving in burned down two mosques in northeastern Ethiopia.

More arrests are expected as the infestation of the blazes continue in a suspected campaign, the regional state Islamic Affairs Supreme Council, said aimed at encouraging inter-faith conflict.

The mosques were torched in Amhara state, the country’s second-most populous region. The region’s police said the suspects were the gang leaders that were organizing the attacks.

After the attack, Council Secretary General Sheikh Mohammed Hassan said: “The act is a deliberate move by those who want to use religion to wreak havoc in the country”.

He said it was a brazen act that deliberately tried to pit followers of Islam against Christians and vice versa.

Police said followers of both religions are currently working to reconstruct the mosques. The fires happened after Muslims using scrap paper to decorate a tent inadvertently used scraps showing the Virgin Mary, reportedly drawing Christian anger, said Mohammed