By YonasAsefa

ADDIS ABEBA – Two separate accidents have claimed the lives of 27 people and injuring several others more, police said.

The accident that claimed most lives occurred in Borena zone of Oromia region on Tuesday morning

At least 15 people died after two freight trucks collided with each other.

Police said the accident was caused by driving beyond the speed limit of the area.

Late Tuesday, a similar accident in Tigray regional state has left seven people dead while more than a dozen of others sustained serious injuries.

The deadly incident occurred when two buses traveling in opposite direction collided near the historic city of Aksum late.

In addition to the people who lost their lives, 15 more people sustained severe injuries. 

Though Ethiopia has one of the lowest per capita car ownership in the world, deadly traffic accidents are fairly common, with the blame put on bad roads, flawed driving license issuance system and lax enforcement of safety rules.

At least 5,118 people lost their lives to traffic accidents during the previous 2017/18 fiscal year that ended on July 8.

Another 7,754 people had also sustained serious physical injuries from traffic accidents across the country, while some 7,775 others had light injuries in the fiscal year.(The Daily Monitor )