ADDIS ABABA, July 15 (Xinhua) – – Shenzhen Power-Solution Ind Co. Ltd, one of China’s leading companies of solar products, has donated solar lights to outstanding students and some other community members in rural areas of Ethiopia.

   The donation was made as part of the support of Shenzhen Power-Solution Ind Co. Ltd to improve livelihoods in rural areas in Africa.

    Driven by its vision of reaching close to two billions of people who lack electricity around the world, the Chinese company insists on offering qualified solar lighting solutions for off-grid areas.

   Through the Oromia Development Association (ODA), Shenzhen Power-Solution Ind Co. Ltd has donated the solar lights to the students and some other community members of Gedeb Asasa Worda (district) in West Arsi Zone of Oromia regional state.

    Speaking at the donation ceremony last Saturday, Xia Li, CEO and founder of Shenzhen Power-Solution Ind Co. Ltd, said the company made the donation to students who do not have access to direct electric power, with aim of helping them realize their dreams, and also improving livelihoods.   

     Xia Li said the donation would have meaningful contribution to the studies of the students as they can have lights during night times, enabling them to pursue their studies properly by reading and doing homework.

    “So, the activity is actually we are trying to give the solar light to help the children to have more chance to study at night,” she said.

     More than 100 students and also some community members were given the solar lights with this round of donation.

    Speaking on the occasion, Lemessa Anbesa, the Deputy Administrator of Gedeb Asasa Woreda (District), where the donation ceremony was held, noted that the donation has contribution and it supports education and development endeavors coordinated by the ODA.

   The Deputy Administrator has commended the Chinese company and those who made contribution to such noble cause of development.

    “This ceremony was organized within short period of time, and more people would have come and thanked the Chinese for their support. It is a rainy season, and the road is difficult; however they (the Chinese) came to support the people here by investing their time and resources; and I would like to thank them on behalf of the woreda administration and on behalf of the people,” Lemessa said.

    Some of the beneficiary students have hailed the donation and its contribution to the success of their studies.

     As one of the recipients of the donation, Abdulaziz Abdurahman, a grade 8th student at Kubsa Aelo School, told Xinhua that the donation of the solar lights would contribute share to the students’ efforts towards realizing their future dreams.

   “This solar is very, very important, especially for us, students. I don’t have words to speak, and I am very happy. We had problems; we don’t study, read during night times because of lack of power/light. By having this solar, I will make all my efforts towards realizing my dream.

  “This solar light helps us study at night, do homework; it will encourage and help students to pursue their studies and work harder in their education. From now on, I will continue with my hard work of studying, reading; I would like to thank all,” he said.

     Universal Electronics is a partner company of Shenzhen Power-Solution Ind Co. Ltd for solar business in Ethiopia.     

     The CEO of Universal Electronics, Faisal Ahmed, told Xinhua that he is happy that his company cooperates with the Chinese company in providing the donation to potential students of Ethiopia that they realize their dreams successfully.

    “I am engaged in importing and distributing solar systems. And currently we are manufacturing solar systems for the people who are in need and that they don’t have access to direct electricity; so, we are happy to cooperate with Suzan (Xia Li) and make this donation for best students and I hope in the future we keep helping potential students so that they can reach their dreams successfully,” he has said.