About Ethiodailypost

Ethiodailypost PLC is Ethiopian Media and Communication company, legally registered in Ethiopia, with legal VAT registration. Ethiodailypost posts latest Ethiopian news among African and international news. Ethio Daily Post is known for being reliable source of true information and reliable posts to its followers.

Ethiodailypost PLC is a well organized company, run by experienced journalists and made to provide dependable news resource, while maintaining the entertaining feel and contents that Ethiodailypost fans need such as, health, sports, lifestyle, Original and uniqe Images, Videos in multi languages.

Ethiodailypost also posts daily news and reports on social media, helping people reach the website with easy links and maintaining high bandwidth server for multiple viewers at a time. We have visitors from around the globe with analytics showing USA, Ethiopia and UK being the most visitors. Our website is well developed and updated for the latest technology, to provide our fans with information of the time, with responsive viewing from any device and a faster load time. We try our best to have images will low resolution, to reach each viewer with quick view of the posts, while maintaining the quality. Please provide your comments or suggestions here and we promise to consider your suggestions.

We have the following websites

Ethiopian Daily Amharic News post Website: http://www.ethiodailypost.com/am

Ethiopian Daily English News post Website: http://www.ethiodailypost.com/

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